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China Garment Association: The scientific and technological innovation system of the garment industry will gradually take shape in 2022

Time:2023-01-05   Visits:1357

      Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network (Zeng Qingyi reporter Yang Xiangfei) Recently, the China Garment Association released the "2022-2023 China Garment Industry Science and Technology Innovation White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper"). The White Paper, with the themes of new material application, intelligent marketing, intelligent research and development, intelligent products, intelligent supply chain, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, metauniverse and sustainable development as its core, combs and explains the current situation of scientific and technological innovation in the clothing industry and the development and application of technology in key areas.

      The White Paper shows that the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation has brought significant impact on the production mode, development mode and industrial ecology of the clothing industry, and has brought unprecedented historical opportunities for the upgrading and development of the clothing industry. With the continuous promotion of the industry's scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing has made outstanding achievements, the enterprise's equipment level and information construction have made significant progress, the upstream and downstream ecosystems of the entire industrial chain have been continuously optimized, and an efficient and collaborative industry innovation system has gradually formed.

      The White Paper pointed out that the development of scientific and technological innovation in the clothing industry in 2022 mainly includes: the driving force of technological innovation in the industry has been significantly enhanced, and the activities of scientific and technological innovation continue to deepen; The industrial scientific and technological innovation system is gradually formed, and collaborative innovation is moving towards a new starting point; Big data drives product R&D innovation, and 3D virtual technology guides design innovation; Intelligent material calculation and cost control, intelligent cutting, efficient and accurate; Intelligent equipment led the production, and the sewing workstation made a breakthrough; Further integration of the whole system and seamless connection of intelligent storage; Business process optimization and reengineering, and information solutions continue to emerge; The "black technology" fabric is constantly broken and functional products are favored.

      The reporter learned that looking forward to 2023, the direction and focus of scientific and technological innovation in the clothing industry are as follows: give full play to the supporting role of scientific and technological innovation system and strengthen the transformation of achievements; Break through the upgrading of key technologies and build integrated application hard power; Promote the construction of industrial Internet platform and promote the overall quality of manufacturing; Straighten the thinking of enterprise transformation and improve the innovation ability of small and medium-sized enterprises; Strengthen talent training and adjust the training mechanism and structure.

      At the same time, the White Paper shows that on the whole, there are still some problems in the industry in terms of scientific and technological basic research, innovation system construction, balanced development, talent construction, etc., such as: there are weak links in basic research and common key technology development; The mechanism of technological innovation in the industry still needs to be improved; The scientific and technological development level of small and medium-sized enterprises is not balanced; The contradictions of digital transformation within enterprises are relatively prominent; The talent support capacity is insufficient.

      It is reported that the White Paper was jointly prepared by the China Garment Association, relying on the China Garment Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and the China Garment Science and Innovation Research Institute, covering 1 summary report, 16 special technical reports, 17 case studies and several appendices.